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                             NINTENDO 3DS XL PIKACHU                                       SPECIAL EDITION                                            GIVEAWAY!you want to play pokèmon x/y but have no nintendo 3ds? well you’re lucky !
i just want to do another give-away because my last one was going so welll ! so i’m going to give away one of my nintendo 3ds xl. i have two nintendo 3ds xl because my other one was a premium offer from my dad’s work.
Rules♥ mbf y-ukki (i will check)♥ only reblogs count (but you may like the post to save it!)♥ reblog as many times as you want♥ must have your ask box open so we can alert winners♥ must be willing to give me your address.♥if you are underaged you will need a permission of your parents.♥ the winner will be choosen randomly by random.org♥ no giveaway blogs !♥ That’s about it. Ends december, 1st :3
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For a cancelling of the fascist law 6.13.1

hey guys,
please sign this small petition against anti-gay law in Russia.

this law is so wrong in so many ways, literally it will ‘erase’ gay people from the life of country, okay.

if the website will open this page in Russian, then, find necessary fields on the down-right side of page where you must write your e-mail (and the button “подписать” means ‘to sign’).

it’s really easy.
and maybe it will help change something.

SnK 46

awesome awesomeness is awesome.

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watched Eurovision today with the best company ever <3

really loved Azerbaijan and Belarus,


okay cool, no i can go and study for tomorrow exam :c

SnK 45

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Anonymous sent: ((((bertholdt's last name is Huber))))

thanks anon (ノ・◡・ ) ノ ♥
'cause i was a bit confused with the english spelling of his last name (i’ve read manga in russian), and i also saw a really different spelling versions even here, on tubmlr, so… :c

i think i’m finally back.